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With the initial consultation, free of charge, we will help you define the media message you want to export through our network to ensure you get the most impact.

Media Relationships

Broadcast your success, philosophy, and unique qualities through industry-specific leading online platforms, influencers, and authors. Leverage your media to existing and potential clients.

Build your Brand

A product or brand builds credibility by getting other people to talk about it. This is the essence of media relations. Get high profile media outlets to do the work for you and see your name in the lights.

Own your Search

For larger companies, unwanted opinions, media smears, and defamation can saturate news and search results. Request carefully placed and worded media communication to take control of your brand image.

Lead Generation

If you focus is lead generation, then this service is for you. Media campaigns can be targeted towards generating high volume leads for any new startup, product launch or company.

Search Marketing

Media relations in this world of lead generation is the strongest asset in any Search Engine Marketing campaign. Get powerful do-follow links from trusted high domain authority locations and target specific keywords.

Benevalue PR is a Media Relations Company with the primary goal of getting your message permeated through high profile locations.

Media Relations is a very personal service unique for every company, product or idea. After 5 years of calling media outlets, editors and journalists daily, BeneValue has established a personal relationship with over 1,300 influencers and journalists across a dozen industries.

So if you ha a something to say and want media outlets adding credibility to your message, let us pitch your story and get you talked about.

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When Used?
  • Powerful Media Mentions and Links
  • Lead Generation
  • Aggressive Brand Awareness
  • Remove Negative Results
  • Monitor for Online Brand Threats

What you say today will be there tomorrow — “The internet is timeless. It records into forever.” – Sundar Pichai

Media Placements is an essential step in reputation management. If internet users google you or your company, they need to see credible content which communicates what you want your brand message to be. Get powerful media placements in high profile media spots and put your brand or targeted keywords into the spotlight.

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