How To Obtain Quality Links To Your Site?

Popular search engines consider backlinks as an essential factor in determining the rankings. Therefore, obtain quality links to guarantee good results if you want to boost organic traffic. If your website has a large number of high quality backlinks from authoritative sites, search engines will see it as reputable.

Quality backlinks are one of Google’s top three ranking factors, and this won’t change anytime soon. They are perceived as a vote of confidence, authority, and trust. Marketers should be aware that implementing this SEO practice will be a massive thing in the near future.

Business owners and content marketing professionals are looking for various ways to get high quality backlinks. In this post, we share a link building guide that will reveal the whole process of getting quality links to your site. Once you go through it, you will understand how to improve your SEO with those method obtainging links.

obtain quality links

Provide high-quality content

Everything starts with providing valuable content that the readers in your niche will love. Consequently, the quality of the content you offer will determine the links you get. High-quality content that offers valuable information will attract high quality backlinks from reputable sites. Moreover, other sites wouldn’t hesitate to share and link to such content. On the other hand, the lack of valuable content and information won’t bring you any quality backlinks. Sites won’t consider your content authoritative and reputable and won’t provide a high quality backlink, so this will reflect your SEO efforts.

Research on search engines

Research is one of the ways to provide high-quality content that will attract backlinks. If you publish original statistics and data, other sites will use this information and refer to your site as a source. You can use your business data or conduct surveys to gather valuable information. The main idea is to create unique content that users can’t find on other sites. For example, you can process your data and come up with a report about consumers’ behavior in your specific sector. When writing similar topics, business sites will mention your statistics and link back to your research.


Infographics are one of the most popular types of content on the internet. They have been in high demand since 2009 due to the many advantages, such as being easy to share. Authority sites such as HuffPost and Mashable frequently share infographics, and users seem to love them. Therefore, this type of content has become an essential tool for building quality backlinks and getting traffic from social media.

Google’s engineers personally recommend content as a successful strategy to build links. Your blog should provide helpful information consistently, be a subject of discussions around the web, and get links from other sites.

However, providing valuable content isn’t that easy. Once you master it, you won’t have problems with link quality. Users who find the content helpful will want to share it with their friends. The votes will lead to boosting your authority and reputation. Once you put in the effort, it will pay back with a strong backlink profile.

Outreach quality backlinks

Even if you have the best content, you won’t get any quality backlink if no one knows it exists. The truth is that you need to put effort into finding sites interested in sharing your content. One of the ways to spread the word is to reach bloggers and influencers. Reach out to bloggers and site owners in your specific niche and create a stable relationship with them. Talk to as many as possible to increase your chances of sharing the content.

If a site has already been linked to your competitor, they will likely link back to your site as well. You need to review the domain authority of the sites and amount of referring domains. Check the content that links to your competitor and request that your site is mentioned similarly. For example, an author might mention the competitor in a list of the best brands in the industry. Then, you can reach out to the site explaining why your brand should be on the list. Explain the benefits that your product has and in which ways it helps the customers.

Guest posting high-quality backlinks

Guest posting is another excellent practice for link building strategies, driving more traffic to your site, or increasing your flowers on social media. You have the chance to share your content with an already established audience interested in your specific niche.

How to get a guest post as a beginner? Many sites themselves provide a chance for users to submit a guest blog post. The best thing is that you don’t have to worry about being penalized. Make sure to provide a high-quality blog post that isn’t poorly written or spammy. Also, the anchor text needs to fit properly.

Some marketers that want to build backlinks won’t focus on quality when providing guest posts. However, this is a huge mistake. When writing the guest posts, make sure to match your content quality or aim for higher quality.

Link juice refers to the value that the sites bring to your own website. High quality sites will increase search visibility, while low quality ones won’t. Building backlinks is all about minding the site’s authority. To build quality backlinks that lead to your destination page, you should also implement a proper anchor text.

How to find guest post opportunities?

Building high quality backlinks requires proper tools to find a proper linking site. How to find relevant blogs for guest posting? We would recommend you use the competitor analysis tool to find the relevant blogs in the niche. Also is a great option is to check if the site is approved as a Google News source. You can type a “site:” search for them on and then click on the ‘news’ tab. If their articles are listed under the news tab, they are an ‘approved’ site.

How will guest blogging benefit your business? Sharing helpful information on external websites will establish you as a professional in the industry. In addition, you will introduce your brand to a new audience. And let’s not forget that you get to build strong partnerships with established leaders in the industry.

Obtaining just a link isn’t the only point of a guest post. Although you build backlinks to support your content marketing, accepting guest posts on your site will introduce fresh content and new perspectives for your readers. Many marketers follow a routine, but this can make readers feel tired and saturated with your content. Introducing guest blogging posts with contextual links will bring diversity and submit new content, which keeps your readers engaged and keeps them wanting to see what is next.

Broken link-building efforts

A broken link building strategy is a technique built on the practice of finding “broken links” on websites and reaching out to website owners to receive a backlink from the identified broken link. In this context, a broken link refers to any instance in which a website intends to link to another website but the link is non-existent.

This tactic is primarily used by SEO professionals for the purpose of building more backlinks with relatively low-effort; additionally, it’s considered a “white hat” practice, which allows for easier buy-in from clients and does not run the risk of penalties from Google.

Broken links occur for a variety of reasons, including:

  • The destination website removed the linked web page (causing what is known as a 404 error)
  • The destination website permanently moved or no longer exists
  • A firewall, interstitial, or log-in is blocking access to the destination website.
  • The destination website has ceased to exist
  • A webpage was moved without a redirect being added
  • The URL structure of the page receiving the link was changed
  • The link was never implemented correctly in the first place

As you can tell, broken links naturally occur across the internet in various ways. The question becomes not only how to fix them, but how to find them.

Social media links pointing

We know that a dofollow backlink will give green light to search engine crawlers. However, not all backlinks should be exclusively for optimizing websites. Social media sites provide exposure and engagement.

Currently, there is an intense debate about whether social media is signalizing search engines. We already know that social media links are nofollow links. However, they can still be beneficial for your business. Even if the social media links can’t help you boost your search engine rankings, they can still drive more traffic to your site and increase exposure. Don’t forget that social media makes it easy for people to share your content, so it will quickly reach the site owner of authority news sites. When web admins see that certain content goes viral, they will want to share it and link back to the site that has initially published the information. Therefore, sharable content will get high exposure and improve your SEO.


Don’t limit your strategy and include new link building opportunities. HARO is one of the ways to build your link portfolio. It allows you to gain high quality backlinks from the press or other websites. If you don’t know about this method, you are missing a lot. HARO is all about helping a journalist write their story. In exchange, you will get relevant links to your site. Many journalists are looking for a quote for their articles, regardless of the industry. All you need to do is find a relevant journalist that works within your specific niche. Make sure that your answers are clear and concise and only answer topics you have expertise in to ensure backlink quality. Not every pitch might result in success, but this practice is an excellent way to get quality links to your site. Not all links are valuable for a link profile. You need to be in the same niche to improve your search rankings.

Roundup Posts to obtain high quality links

Getting your content included in roundup posts is another excellent strategy to get more links. A roundup post is a carefully curated list of posts covering a specific topic. With having a few posts per industry, you can quickly get involved in one. If you notice a roundup post that matches your particular niche, don’t mind reaching out to the site. Let them know that your latest piece of content is the ideal fit for their roundup post. When reaching out, state why your content needs to find its place on the chosen list. Talk about how it will provide valuable solutions for the readers, and the webmasters will likely add your post to the list.


This post summed up the best methods to obtain quality links to your site and enhance your web development. Consider all the tactics and choose the right fit for your specific niche. Ensure to strengthen your content strategy, as this is the essential requirement to obtain quality links and avoid the problem of an outdated link. Take advantage of social media, and don’t underestimate its importance for your SEO strategy. Although the impact isn’t direct, a solid social media strategy will help you improve your SEO.

If you are a beginner in link building, the process might appear time-consuming for you. However, be sure that all that effort will pay off in the long run. Make sure to focus on building quality links that will boost your authority, and never waste your time with links that will harm your reputation.